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POLBLAT production boards are made of properly seasoned and selected high quality wood, offered by the leading wood producer in Poland.

After delivering wood and checking humidity, boards are made by joining individual slabs with a tongue and groove method. Thanks to this method, vibrations from concrete block machines are better transferred to a concrete mix, which directly affects the quality of manufactured products.

To ensure high durability of the boards they are additionally twisted together with bars of precisely chosen hardness and thickness (10mm). The rods pierce the whole board along its entire length in three appropriately designed distances. Better stiffness of the boards is associated with a smaller deflection arrow as well as the possibility of producing heavier precast concrete products.


High durability

Then the boards undergo machine grounding on both sides in order to obtain a smooth surface. This ensures perfect flatness of the boards, thanks to which the adherence of the mold is correct, and thus there is no damage of the matrix (so called elephant’s feet effect).

The edges of the boards are made of semi-closed metal profile, galvanized, pressed in three places and additionally attached to wood with galvanized woodscrews.



The final stage of production of boards is covering the surface with a carefully selected impregnating film, which protects against sticking of concrete products and reduces water absorption and lengthens the life of the boards.

After impregnation, finished boards are prepared for transport. Packed on pallets and fastened with straps, they are stored in a roofed warehouse with stable climatic conditions (without access to light).

Prior to shipment, the humidity is checked again and the recommendations provided by our company facilitate appropriate further exploitation.

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