Plastic production boards – soon on offer

Wooden production boards


  • Wood type and density: PINE 500 kg / m3
  • The individual slabs are joined by a tongue and groove method
  • Slabs are twisted together with threaded rods with precisely chosen hardness and thickness (10mm), which pierce the board throughout the entire length in three appropriately designed distances from each other
  • The edges of the boards are made of semi-closed C profile which is galvanized
  • Boards are covered with a carefully selected impregnating film that protects against sticking of concrete products and maintains a constant humidity of the board
Drewniane blaty produkcyjne

* dimension of the board adjusted to the customer’s requirements

Composite production boards (plywood)


  • Wood type: composite material glued together from intersecting layers of wood (deciduous - alder, birch, coniferous - spruce) in which the fibers of adjacent layers run at right angles
  • Welds joining layers in plywood are resistant to water
  • Water-resistant glue based on phenol-formaldehyde resin
  • Density 700-750 [kg / m³]
  • Humidity 4-10 [%]
  • The edges of the tops are made of semi-closed profile C which is galvanized
Blaty do kostki brukowej

* dimension of the board adjusted to the customer’s requirements

Rregeneration of used boards

We offer regeneration of used production boards, which consists in restoring the surface quality of the used board to a level comparable with a newly created one.

The process of regeneration consists of grinding the surface of the board, filling the missing items with dowels and re-impregnation protecting against excessive moisture. The final effect of this repair allows to use the boards for next seasons.

We offer regeneration of boards produced by POLBLAT as well as other manufacturers.

We invite you to send several boards to our production plant in order to analyze the wear and present the offer.

Before regeneration

After regeneration