Composite production boards (plywood)

Composite production boards (plywood)


Blaty do kostki brukowej

* dimension of the board adjusted to the customer’s requirements

Production technology
of plywood boards


Certified plywood

The plywood board is made of high-quality certified multi-layer hardwood plywood obtained from the largest suppliers of this raw material in Poland. The inner layers can be made of hardwood veneer (100%) or hardwood and softwood (mixed plywood).

Multi-layer leafy plywood.
Plywood in the form of a monolith.


Monolith structure

Composite material glued together from crossing layers of wood, in which the fibers of the adjacent layers run at right angles, creates a plywood in the form of a monolith. The uniform surface of the board is perfectly smooth, which allows for the production of precast concrete elements without flaws or deformations.


Rigid construction

The multi-layer and compact structure of high-density plywood makes the boards resistant to loads and bending, which results in a smaller deflection arrow. In addition, plywood is produced with the use of a waterproof joint, which allows for using boards in wet conditions.

Minimum deflection arrow.

The board covered with impregnating liquid.
„Foot” attached to the board.


Edges and feet

At the customer’s request, plywood boards are covered with an impregnating paint, which protects their surface against moisture and adhesion of concrete mix residues. Optionally, “feet” of an individually selected number and size are attached to the boards. They are twisted to the board with a few screws. It is also possible to protect the boards’ edges with a metal, galvanized, semi-closed C profiles. The profiles protect the sides of the boards against mechanical damage while working on the conveyors.


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