Production technology of boards
with polyurethane coating


Strong core of a board

The latest product of the POLBLAT company – a technological board with a polyurethane coating, is made of high-quality certified coniferous plywood in the form of a monolith, consisting of specially designed uniform intersecting layers of wood. Plywood is a composite material with high density and resistance to pressure and deflection. This material is obtained from the largest suppliers of plywood in Europe.


Plywood in the form of a monolith.
Polyurethane coating with the thickness of 2-3mm.


Durable polyurethane coating

The process of coating the boards with polyurethane layer takes place in a closed production cycle with the use of state of the art machines. The plywood core is fed by a robot to the mould where the binding process takes place. The entire core of the board is covered with a tight, homogeneous and waterproof polyurethane coating with a thickness of approx. 2-3 mm. The polyurethane layer covering the board was created as a result of a proprietary recipe that meets the highest parameters. Among them, there are two which stand out:  the high level of hardness, i.e. 65 Shore on the D scale and the high tensile strength of 45 Mpa.



Profiled edges

The edges of the boards are properly profiled and adapted to the conveying devices in the production line. They are also fully covered with a poluyrethane coating. The corners of the boards are rounded, thanks to which their cooperation with technological devices is collision-free.


Profiled edges.

Polblat boards on the production line.


High durability

Increased technical parameters guarantee an extremely rigid structure of the board and a minimal deflection arrow, which eliminates the risk of cracks on the surface of a large-format concrete products. Such a design of boards also ensures excellent transmission of vibrations from the machine, thanks to which it is possible to obtain a better degree of concrete mix condensation and save on the amount of added cement. The boards are resistant to all weather conditions, temperature, UV radiation, abrasion or bending, which ensures trouble-free operation and additional storage options (e.g. outside the production hall).


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